When I called Dr. Move to make a reservation I told them I had very large, oversized furniture and it is hard getting it through the doors so they would probably need a larger truck but Edwin assured me that this truck would move a 3 bedroom house and since I only had a one bedroom apartment that a 20 ft truck would get everything in 1 trip.

Then the movers showed up at my place 3 Hours Late! I had the 12-2 slot and they showed up at 5. When they looked at my furniture they said we won't be able to do this in one trip. Of course they were by the hour so they didn't care. I had them get the most important things and let them know there would not be a 2nd trip. Thank goodness for my brother and his friend that came and helped out and moved 1/4 of my stuff. If it weren't for them it would have taken the movers an additional 2-3 hours because I would have had to do the 2nd trip. I still have my mirror for my dresser at the old place that I will have to get next weekend. Also, they claim to shrink wrap everything but not 1 item was shrink wrapped.

When I went to pay by credit card they said there would be a 5% fee that they didn't mention when I told them I would be paying by cc but he said it was in an email they sent.

I've moved more than I care to admit over the past 20 years and this was the worst experience by far so far!!

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